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Case study

System predicting sales volume and optimising promotional discounts.


Creation of a system predicting sales volume and optimising promotional discounts in the CLOUD KITCHEN industry.

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Organisation profile

The world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform. Our client operates multi-brand kitchens that prepare and sell dishes of third-party food brands, and provides support, infrastructure and technology that enables restaurant brands to offer their products from such kitchens.

Our client currently partners with over 200 brands, across 5 countries, operating 60+ kitchens. 


Together with GetInData, we are developing a system that forecasts the sales volume in kitchens managed by our client and optimises promotional discounts. 

A large share of sales comes from food delivery aggregators that accumulate many different brands, cuisines and restaurants.

Sales may vary depending on, among other things, the size of the available multi-level promotions, e.g. free delivery, 2 for 1 discounts, first-time user promotions, aggregator-led campaigns and promotions offered by the competition.


The project is still in progress.

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