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It will cost you $18 000

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According to Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 22’, a cyber attack can cost . What is worst, a data breach or a hacker attack is not the only threat waiting on the Internet.

Our families and we can be targeted with misinformation or inappropriate content. If our sensitive data leaks to the Internet, we may not always receive immediate help due to the public service being overloaded with work.

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence can help mitigate a lot of those threats. And we can do Artificial Intelligence.

Nie jestem pewien, czy dobrze targetujemy tutaj idealnego klienta. Trzeba pewnie się chwilę nad tym zastanowić, kto nim jest w branży bezpieczeństwa. Raczej firmy, które zapewniają bezpieczeństwo, jak Betterline czy Policja. A nie takie, które tylko są zagrożone atakiem.

Ponadto nasze rozwiązania z reguły są droższe niż 18 tys. USD, więc główna korzyść też powinna być chyba inna.

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Automating Security

In most cases, security threats occur when we lack resources like time, money or people to protect ourselves properly.


Many people are not aware of potential cybersecurity risks. Companies don’t have time to educate their employees, e.g. on phishing scams, and parents don’t always educate their children about Internet risks.


Strong protective measures can be expensive, time-consuming and complex. This targets small and medium businesses in particular, especially those without dedicated IT staff.


More and more, we allow our employees to use multiple devices to work, for example, mobile. Each new device introduces a new opportunity for a breach.


With regulations like GDPR, data safety and security became the number one priority for companies using personal data. Still, oftentimes they do not introduce sufficient protective measures.

AI is a perfect tool when you lack resources. With its help, you can automate tasks like detection, identification or forecasting, making the solution to your problems cost-efficient and fast.

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