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Case study

An intelligent platform supporting customers purchasing decisions through contactless interaction with products


Development of Reetail:AR system - the world's first interactive channel for FMCG goods using augmented reality (AR).

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Organisation profile

Established in 2019, company OmniaZ Poland specializes in creating immersive technologies for the retail industry, including a network of stationary stores.

The company cooperates with research staff from the University of Warsaw, and its technological development is supported by scientific advisors from the Lodz University of Technology.

The core of the OmniaZ Poland staff comes from the Singapore-based S2G Technology Pte. Ltd, which commercialized the
proprietary DRNK:AR platform in ten Asian markets, providing customers of liquor stores with personalized AR 

OmniaZ Poland, based on its experience and know-how, offers its proprietary technology for the furniture industry, home furnishings, electronics and household appliances stores and sports stores, focusing on the Polish, European and South-East Asian markets.


The project’s goal is to develop Reetail:AR system - the world’s first interactive, augmented reality-based channel dedicated to FMCG products. Based on this channel, the FMCG suppliers and retail companies will be able to create so far unachievable consumer experience and provide contactless, in-store interaction with FMCG products. This will facilitate the purchase decisions of the customers.

The system enables using digitalized product features during the traditional, offline purchase process. It will build the AR- based digital twin of a retail store. The research results will open the new ways of product selection, presentation and promotion which were previously booked solely for e-commerce.

From consumer’s point of view, Reetail:AR provides the enhanced product information and immersive AR experiences, as well as the functional, filter-based (e.g eco, paraben-free) purchase recommendations, while using a mid-range smartphone.

The project’s R&D work activities are:

  • DATMO-based methods for simultaneous, real-time detection and tracking of multiple FMCG products in the conditions of a retail store and using the limited computational resources of a smartphone
  • real-time, FMCG product image search methods, based on the products’ physical shape and labels
  • multi-criteria-based product recommendation method dedicated for offline shopping, using consumer behaviour and context data as an input
  • methods for improving the performance of the above mentioned components, which are able to overcome the smartphone’s computational power limitations
  • the user layer (incl. tool for B2B product management and SDKs for developing the consumer apps) which integrates the system components and ensures their performance.


Project in progress

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