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About Us

AI is one of the most important technologies of our time, but it is only valuable when applied in the real world – improving products, improving services and saving lives.

To make AI a reality, we work with organisations to determine how they can use and implement AI in their businesses. This requires three things: the right strategy, the right skills, and the right software. We help in all three areas.

What makes us special?

We are a large team of professionals (50+) who know how to turn your data into value, deeper insights and smarter decisions. We have built industry-leading AI for several dozen organizations from various industries. Our machine learning specialists are experienced in practical R&D projects. We focus on solving problems so far unsolved with practical implementation for our business partners.

Our story

MIM was born at the University of Warsaw to help organisations make robust, proactive decisions on the things that matter.

MIM Solutions is led by a team of founders. Since its inception, we have been committed to making advanced AI technology accessible to everyone.

The company is the first spin-off of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw. The main reason for creating MIM Solutions was the desire to transform existing scientific excellence and knowledge about heuristic algorithms into practical solutions.

We apply artificial intelligence to the toughest problems faced by healthcare, retail, government and automotive organisations.

Our goal is to create added value for business, for the society and the human condition. In our work we use primarily scientific method, critical thinking and correctness. 

We provide organizations with the most efficient and, at the same time, the safest ML technology, remaining at the forefront of scientific research in this field. 

Founder-led and with the majority of PhDs, we have the one of the most experienced teams of AI and ML specialists in Poland ready to support any organisation in AI transformation.  

Our vision

The use of solutions based on AI and ML can significantly improve businesses and society and can provide people with better living conditions.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people by solving difficult ML problems. In our work, we focus mainly on creating original and inventive solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

Founding team

MIM Solutions comes from the Algorithmic Group of the University of Warsaw (UW) led by Prof. Piotr Sankowski. Our team includes 29 high-class ML and Big Data experts.

Piotr Sankowski

CSO and Founder at MIM Solutions. Professor of CS at the University of Warsaw. CEO at Ideas NCBR. 

Piotr Wygocki​

co-CEO  & Founder of MIM Solutions. Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw. 

Ula Sankowska

co-CEO at MIM Solutions. Economist, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and UCD.

Prizes and awards

The work we do is recognised and valued. This sends us a clear message that we have chosen the right direction.

Piotr Sankowski 

  • NCN Award in the category of natural and technical sciences for the Best Polish Scientist 2018
  • Crystal Brussels Award Winner 2018
  • Laureate of Polish Intelligent Development Award 2019
  • The first Polish scientist to receive three ERC grants
  • Award for the best poster at the 4th International ACM Conference
  • Scholarship ‘Ideas for Poland’ 2010–2015 awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)
  • Laureate of 2005 Witold Lipski Prize

Piotr Wygocki

  • II place in prestigious Recsys Challenge 2016
  • Winner in the Kaggle Offline competition during KaggleDays Warsaw 2018

Ula Sankowska

MIM Solutions awards

  • 2022: Laureate of InCredibles Programme by Sebastian Kulczyk
  • 2022: SoDA Innovation Award
  • 2022: Rookie of the Year Award by My Company Polska and AWS
  • 2022: Eagle of Innovation Award by Rzeczpospolita
  • 2022: The “Entrepreneur of the Year of the University of Warsaw” Award in the category Innovator of the Year
  • 2022: CEBioForum Award in category BioDigital
  • 2021: National Centre for Research and Development scientific grant for an innovative project ‘Advanced methods of modelling virtual processes’ (2020).
  • 2021: National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) grant for a research project entitled ‘INTELLIGENT IMAGE DATA ANALYSIS SYSTEM IN INFERTILITY DIAGNOSTICS.’
  • 2021: National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) grant for a research project entitled ‘INTELLIGENT ALGORITHMS SUPPORTING THE DOCTOR IN THE ULTRASOUND DIAGNOSIS OF WOMEN’S OVARIAN RESERVE.’ 
  • 2018: Distinction from the University of Warsaw Technology Transfer Centre (UOTT UW) for contribution to building the relationship between science and business.

Our customers

We help our customers make better decisions

Get in touch

MIM Solutions can help develop AI in your company, please contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

Piotr Sankowski

A co-founder of MIM Solutions. Professor of computer science at the Institute of Informatics at the University of Warsaw. He works on algorithms, in particular on algebraic methods, dynamic programming, stochastic optimization methods, planar graphs and approximation algorithms.
Winner of the National Science Center Award in the category of natural and technical sciences for the Best Polish Scientist (2018) and the 2018 Crystal Brussels Award. CEO of IDEAS NCBR, the first Polish AI Institute. 

Piotr Wygocki

Co-founder of MIM Solutions. A graduate from the University of Warsaw with a Ph.D. in Informatics and double master’s degree in Informatics and Mathematics. Assistant professor at the University of Warsaw. Experienced both in the theoretical and commercial aspects of machine learning. His principal focus is on delivering deep learning solutions in socially important areas, predominantly medicine.

Ula Sankowska

Economist, a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and University College Dublin (UCD) in Dublin, Ireland. A scholarship holder of the Robert Bosch and the Irish Government. At least 15 years of professional experience in business and government. She is fluent in three foreign languages. At MIM Solutions, she is responsible for the company’s business strategy, marketing and customer contacts.