What’s the best way to effectively optimise sales and increase profits despite the growing competition? Let’s talk about the opportunities for your business.


Challenges facing the e-commerce industry

customers are now more likely to do their shopping on large platforms such as Allegro and Amazon rather than smaller company websites – it’s more convenient for them

on the e-commerce market, it is increasingly difficult to break into the awareness of potential buyers, and this means burned-out budgets for advertising

lack of knowledge about customers’ needs and shopping habits means you can’t effectively personalise your offering, and this is directly related to lower sales and abandoned baskets

unfamiliarity with new technologies inhibits the development of many companies in the e-commerce industry

Our solutions in practice

The statistics below show the positive impact our solutions have had for e-commerce companies

+ 0 %

+10% in newsletter GMV
9% CTR on the webpage
+ 3% CR on the webpage

+ 0 %

increase in revenues
while reducing the amount of resources needed

+ 0 %

performance in ranking the type of ad in 7 different languages from 7 different countries

+ 0 %

profit increase thanks to the reduction of costs of displaying advertisements on unprofitable websites

Our clients

We help our clients make better decisions.

What can we do for your company?

We will help you choose solutions tailored to the size and needs of your company and your customers.

Build algorithms based on AI to increase sales and reduce the costs of your online store.

Create product recommendations that correspond to the current needs and expectations of the client.

Segment your clients so you can focus on those who bring the greatest profit for the company.

Analyse sales data (e.g. GMV, CR) , highlighting the most profitable products.

Check the results of your advertising campaigns so that you buy only the best performing inventory.

Design an automatic benefit selection system, e.g. price reductions encouraging the user to purchase.

Create automated product segmentation, saving your employees’ time.

Teach you how to best store and use your data.

Show you the areas in which you can use artificial intelligence most effectively.

Increase the strength of your Data Science team through our knowledge and experience.

Have you heard about solutions like these before?

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What are the benefits of using AI in your company?

AI is the most effective trend in recent years, allowing you to gain an advantage over the competition – so important in the highly saturated e-commerce sector.

Increase in sales

  • personalisation and increasing the attractiveness of your offering for regular and new customers
  • optimisation of advertising campaigns for the most effective KPIs
  • developing dedicated loyalty systems

Save time and money

  • effective management of your budget
  • process automation, saving employees’ time
  • creating effective sales and advertising strategies

Modern organization

  • the employment of the most advanced AI algorithms, both for the current operation and the planning of further development of the company
  • synergy from the integration of our solutions with systems that you may already use in your daily work
  • multidimensional analysis of company data and translating their potential into AI algorithms


Why is it worth trusting us?

We optimise the entire sales process: starting from the store’s website, through customer segmentation, sales data analysis, product recommendations, to the effective optimisation of advertising campaigns.

For seven years we have been creating recommendation systems and teaching our artificial intelligence how to optimise digital campaigns.

Our clients include both large companies, such as Polkomtel, Gemius and RTB House, as well as smaller innovative startups.

During those seven years, we have increased the profits of our clients by even several dozen percent.

We specialise in solutions for the e-commerce industry as well as recommendation and predictive systems.

We combine academic titles with practical knowledge. Our team has been awarded many times and is supported through scientific and business grants.


What do our clients ask about most often before we strike up a working relationship?

Where do we start our collaboration?

  • The first point is always an introductory conversation during which we become acquainted with the problem. You talk about the needs of your company, and we tell you how we can help.
  • It is not known in advance what profit the algorithms will bring, and you may have some doubts about the effectiveness of the project. That is why we start our work with a short “Proof of concept” on a sample of your data (which takes us about 2–4 weeks of work). It is a cheaper solution that allows you to estimate the effectiveness of the assumptions made and future profits. It is worth mentioning that 80% of customers decide to move from the proof-of-concept phase to the next phase, which is the implementation of the full project.

My problem is very specific. Is the artificial intelligence model able to cope?

During the first conversation, we learn about the challenges your company is facing. We try to collect as much information as possible. On the basis of that, we propose dedicated solutions corresponding to the defined needs. Each of our solutions is different. We also specialise in problems that require the use of complex algorithms where standard methods fall short.

What if the AI model fails to train?

We are practically always able to optimise some of the processes in the company based on the data received. If the assumed goal is not achieved, we propose an alternative solution that will be profitable anyway.

When will I see the first results?

After providing the data, it takes an average of 2–3 weeks to build a prototype model and perform simulations in laboratory conditions. As a rule, it is up to the client how quickly the A / B tests can be run under real conditions.

What is the cost of an AI project?

We can always come to an arrangement with the client depending on their budget. Thanks to the scalability of our solutions, the investment in the project is able to pay for itself in a few weeks to several months after its implementation – we know this from experience.

Do I really need artificial intelligence?

We are in the process of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, during which companies using the latest AI achievements gain the advantage. It is worth going this route in order to retain existing customers and gain new ones. The trend of customer outflow towards large platforms such as Allegro or Amazon is becoming more and more prevalent.