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Date of publication: 2 years ago

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Warsaw, 21.06.2022


Polish start-up develops innovative AI algorithms to increase effectiveness of IVF

The “demographic decline” is affecting more and more countries. According to the WHO, fertility disorder is a civilisation disease. The in vitro procedure along with technological solutions based on artificial intelligence are now in place to meet this challenge. AI solutions bring the promise of increasing the effectiveness of IVF. Polish tech start-up MIM Solutions is producing AI software specifically developed for the treatment of fertility disorders. In order to enhance the effectiveness of IVF, the start-up is currently developing two different solutions based on AI. Artificial intelligence will support specialist doctors in the implementation of the in vitro process. Preliminary tests of the technology have already shown these solutions to be highly effective. After software certification, MIM Solutions will enter the fertility treatment market, worth $15.74 billion in 2021.

The demographic decline is affecting an increasing number of countries, including Poland, Western European countries and the USA. Poland is experiencing the worst demographic situation since World War II. In 2020, the overall fertility rate in the U.S. reached the lowest level in history. According to the WHO, fertility disorder is a civilisation disease that is affecting an increasing percentage of the population at reproductive age. The in vitro procedure offers vital support in solving this challenge; however, it is also very expensive and often ineffective. Technological solutions are already being developed that support in vitro clinics in achieving better results with this procedure. Such solutions are being provided by Polish start-up MIM Solutions – a company that implements technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning, among others, in the MedTech  industry. The company originates from the University of Warsaw and was founded by leading Polish scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning. It obtained funds from NCBiR (the Polish National Centre for Research and Development) to develop two innovative technological solutions supporting doctors in conducting the IVF procedure – the EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN projects.

EMBRYOAID is an application that supports the work of embryologists and is used to assess the developmental potential of embryos. It is intended to support clinical decisions to assist in the selection of embryos during in vitro fertilisation procedures. Based on a large collection of time-lapse images and photos, EMBRYOAID helps embryologists identify the most promising embryos. “The tests have proven that the application selects embryos with the same efficiency as a highly qualified embryologist with 30 years of experience. The technology was developed by a team of leading Polish
data scientists together with experienced embryologists,” says Dr Piotr Wygocki, CEO of MIM Solutions. The second application is FOLLISCAN, and it aims to improve the diagnosis of female fertility by supporting gynaecologists in the ultrasound examination of women’s ovarian reserves. The software supports clinicians in the selection of treatments better suited to the patient’s needs, while increasing the effectiveness of treatment. FOLLISCAN is based on a simple but highly effective concept, which is to build a technology platform that imitates the knowledge of highly qualified medical experts and put this skill in the hands of every healthcare provider. FOLLISCAN automates a huge number of tasks that currently have to be performed by a human. Both applications will greatly support specialist doctors in their daily work.

The activity of MIM Solutions and the technological solutions they have created have already been noticed by the business and medical community, thanks to which the company and the authors of the projects have received many awards, among others in the BioDigital category from the Central European BioForum, “Entrepreneur of the Year” in a competition organized by the University of Warsaw in the “Innovation” category, the title of “Businesswoman of the Year” in the “Leader of New Technologies” category and the “Excellence in AI Award” for Ula Sankowska, co-author of the projects and president of MIM Solutions.

Forecasts for the value of the global infertility treatment market predict growth from $14.27 billion in 2020 to $15.74 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3% (CAGR). Longterm projections estimate that the market will reach $21.7 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 8%. After initial implementations in Poland, the Polish company will scale its solutions in clinics in the USA, Western Europe and Asia. In this way, it will join the rapidly growing market for the support of fertility disorders.


Ula Sankowska
PR & Marketing
Tel. +48 606 366 958
About MIM Solutions:
MIM Solutions is a leading IT company specialising in solutions based on machine and deep learning. Founded in 2015 by Prof. Piotr Sankowski and Dr Piotr Wygocki, it is the first spin-off from the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw specialising in solutions based on artificial intelligence. Currently, MIM Solutions is conducting ambitious research and development projects that aim to provide completely new innovative solutions at the global level. In particular, the company is engaged in the creation and development of AI technologies in the MedTech industry with projects such as FOLLISCAN and EMBRYOAID.

MIM Solutions currently has one of the most experienced teams of AI and ML specialists in Poland, and it can support any organization in the use of artificial intelligence. The company works with fertility clinics on a daily basis to create AI-based solutions that can improve effectiveness, reduce errors and lead to faster, cheaper and more accessible treatment processes. It also provides AI solutions for other sectors, such as the e-commerce, telecommunications and advertising industries.

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