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AI and healthcare - FEMTECH

Project financed by Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014-2020

In March 2021, we started work on a research project consisting of the creation of an analytical predictive system called EMBRYOAID based on interpretable machine learning / deep learning algorithms for fully automated identification of the highest quality embryos based on a large collection of time-lapse photos of human embryos.

The main driving force behind the development of the planned application is the desire to improve the prognosis of infertile patients through improved treatment.

The results of the project EMBRYOAID will be used by fertility clinics around the world and will be a response to their well-identified need, i.e. increasing time and cost savings while increasing the effectiveness of the assisted reproductive method by:

  • improving the prioritisation of the embryo with the greatest development potential for a single embryo transfer
  • ensuring the optimal order of frozen embryo transfers
  • discovery of new non-invasive biomarkers/predictors for embryo assessment that can be used to improve the efficiency of ART procedures.

EMBRYOAID will be tested and implemented in the activities of the strategic partner of MIM Solutions – in the infertility treatment clinic KRIOBANK in Białystok.

The project is implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014-2020, measure 1.1 / sub-measure 1.1.1 / 6 / 1.1.1 / 2020.

In September 2021, the project is under the patronage of the Association for Infertility Treatment and Adoption Support OUR STORK.

Beneficiary: MIM Solutions sp.z o.o.

  • Project value: PLN 9,251,363.68
  • Co-financing value: PLN 7,312,170.56
  • Project implementation period: 1 March 2021 – 1 October 2023

Deep Learning / ML algorithms promise to automate and standardize the selection of human embryos, which we want to apply to improve the prognosis of patients with infertility.

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