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Trustworthy AI - We make every effort to develop and use data technology and AI in a way that allows people to gain trust.

Project description

Trustworthy AI can bring many benefits, such as better healthcare, more efficient production, safer and greener transport.

In its activities, MIM Solutions attaches great importance to creating AI solutions based on only trustworthy ML algorithms. Trustworthy AI has three characteristics that must characterize the system equipped with it throughout its life cycle:

  • be legal – comply with all applicable rules and regulations
  • be ethical – ensure compliance with ethical principles and values
  • be robust both technically and socially – AI systems can cause unintended harm even when used in good faith

Viewed individually, each of these features is necessary but not sufficient to achieve trustworthy AI.

MIM Solutions is a leader in research on AI safety. We strive to ensure that the three above-mentioned features harmoniously interact with each other, and their ranges overlap each other.

We have created a technology that gives our customers the confidence that their software is explainable, robust, private and fair.

Trustworthy AI - Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence - is the foundation of our solutions. Our algorithms not only make optimal decisions, but also know how to explain the reasons behind them.

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