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TOP of the TOP Women in AI in Poland was announced

Date of publication: 1 year ago

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In the Media

TOP of the TOP Women in AI in Poland was announced

TOP of the TOP Women in AI in Poland, which means the names of experts professionally dealing with the topic of artificial intelligence, was announced during Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022 – the largest conference for women in technology in Europe.

The jury chaired by prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska chose 10 outstanding women working with AI technology and awarded one special distinction (Distinguished Mentor in AI).

TOP of the TOP Women in AI are 10 experts who are to be role models for the young generation.

“Although they differ by many – age, number of years of professional experience, specialization resulting from the education profile (from engineering to humanities), and even origin (the list includes not only Polish women, but also foreigners working in Poland and developing innovations here) – however there is one thing they have in common: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the belief that neither technology nor barriers should be feared and that women not only can but should fight for their place in the technology industry and their participation in creating innovations ”- we read this in the announcement of the Educational Foundation “Perspektywy ”.

By the decision of the Chapter, Urszula Sankowska, COO at MIM Solutions was also among the laureates of the “Excellence in AI” competition.

The entire article in Polish you may find here >>

Source: Nauka w Polsce

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