MIM Solutions joins the AI in Health Conference

Date of publication: 10 months ago

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MIM Solutions joins the AI in Health Conference

On the 14th of June, MIM Solutions joined the “AI in Health” Conference in Warsaw to showcase disruptive femtech solutions as well as learn more about the current state of the market.

During the AI in Health Conference, we had the chance to not only meet people from innovative Polish startups but also discover the latest trends in the industry. Moreover, organizers presented (for the first time!) two crucial documents for the AI and healthcare fields:

• The “White Book of AI Practices in Clinical Practice” – a self-regulatory document for the industry, which will indicate the directions and possible solutions that should increase the security and quality of AI use in modern healthcare.
• The “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” report – a cross-cutting overview of Polish life-science startups.

▶️ You can learn more about the event at: 

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