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Intensive AI course

AI should be for everyone, not only for scientists and experts.

The last decade has witnessed tremendous technological advances that have placed AI and ML at the forefront of the business world. How will AI, including ML, affect your company? How can your company take advantage of these dynamically developing technologies? Can AI really help us to increase competitiveness and optimise costs?

MIM Solutions offers a one-day training course to help you answer these questions.

Who is the training intended for?

The training is intended for business leaders, middle and senior managers, data specialists, consultants and business specialists interested in the possibility of using AI in an organisation. Regardless of whether you want to improve your qualifications, are looking for information about technical innovations or want to understand breakthrough technologies in the business environment, this training will help you identify business areas that could benefit from the strategic application of AI in your company. 

The knowledge you will gain from this training will help you develop your potential and find a competitive advantage on the market.

What is included in the programme?

We provide course participants with the information and education they will need to take a thorough look at potential AI projects and ensure they are successfully implemented with real and measurable positive outcomes. The course provides a condensed understanding of the key concepts and techniques of data analysis and ML. During the training, we place special emphasis on developing the ability to ask the right questions about how AI applications (including ML) will help solve a specific business problem and make your organisation more effective.

Whether you’re working in a strategic, operational or managerial position, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how AI can affect your organisation’s business goals, as well as learn about the key aspects of related implementation strategies. You will learn how to effectively lead teams whose task is to carry out technical projects in the field of AI and how to strategically use modern ML technologies to gain a strong competitive advantage in business.

Who conducts the training?

The training is conducted by the most outstanding specialists in the field of ML in Poland, from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw.



Professor of computer science at the Institute of Informatics at the University of Warsaw. An internationally-recognised specialist in the field of algebraic methods, dynamic programming, stochastic optimisation, planar graphs and approximation algorithms. Winner of the National Science Centre Award in the category of natural and technical sciences (2018) and the Crystal Brussels Award for the best Polish Scientist (2018). The only three-time winner of ERC research grants financed from EU funds in Poland.

Piotr Wygocki

Co-founder of MIM SOLUTIONS

A graduate of the University of Warsaw, a doctorate in computer science and a master’s degree in mathematics. Research assistant at the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics). Experienced in both theoretical and commercial aspects of computer science. Founder of the Warsaw C++ Users Group, an active member of the open-source community and co-creator of the growing open-source library.


Participation in the training does not require technical knowledge. Participants should have a laptop with any web browser installed. Each participant will have access to the full version of the materials presented during the training in electronic form.

Training cost

The prices of our course are set individually. We take into account the costs of designing and implementing a personalised training programme. Our price list is in line with the market prices of individual corporate training. Please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in participating in the training, please contact us using the form below. 

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