FOMO about investing in women’s health

Date of publication: 1 year ago

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FOMO about investing in women’s health

Lately, Ula, our COO, had a chance to listen to a webinar “Why you’ve got major FOMO about investing in women’s health”. It was very interesting to hear that the investment opportunity in women’s health was massive and spanned the entire continuum of a woman’s life. Panelists underlined that innovation was imperative in areas of unmet need like menopause care, behavioral health, osteoporosis, cardiac health, and more. Developing tech-enabled solutions that deliver health and create real value to the end user should be vital to the adoption of new products. 

She was really happy to hear that the tide is turning in women’s health, with more people speaking out and changing the conversation and social stigma associated with some women’s health issues.

The webinar was organised by MDisrupt – a medical diligence and health industry expert platform from the US.

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