Detect drug interactions with AI

Date of publication: 6 months ago

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Detect drug interactions with AI

In this short series, we’re showing you use cases of safe, transparent and trustworthy AI that, in our opinion, will revolutionise MedTech sector.

One of the research directions is analysis of drug interactions. According to study published in 2018 in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics called “Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithm for Identifying High-Priority Drug–Drug Interactions Through Adverse Event Reports”, it is possible to find what drugs interact negatively with each other based on reports on adverse reactions to them.

Why is it important? Such system is able to:

  • increase patients’ safety,
  • decrease the need of patients going to the doctor when taking temporary medication together with long-term one (for example: temporary pain medication with long-term blood pressure stabilising drugs),
  • decrease the necessity to visit doctor again if patient forgets to mention medications they are taking.

Authors want to pursue the research even further and at some point develop a system which will analyse similar interaction on a personal level, based on genomics information from the patient.

The full study can be found on:

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