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Products & Services

Customized AI solutions

We specialise in creating bespoke, innovative AI solutions perfectly suited to the needs of your company. 

In particular, we build prediction and recommendation systems. 

AI is a source of competitive advantage and incredible efficiency, but enterprises need software that meets their unique needs to get the most out of AI.

MIM Solutions are the brains behind some of the most sophisticated applications of AI.

Our AI software has allowed our clients to gain market-leading competitive advantage over other companies on the market, for example by improving commercial results, automating production processes or by saving big money on marketing expenses.


  • The quality of solutions provided

The strength of MIM Solutions is the quality of the solutions provided. Cooperation with partners such as the Polish police force, Gemius or RTB House has resulted in many innovative creations on a global scale. Our solutions are based on our experience and knowledge supported by a very strong academic background at a global level.

Our solutions are characterised by:
– much better performance than out-of-the-box solutions provided by our competitors
– full explainability of our models as required by EU guidelines
– full scalability
– continuously adapting our models to trends

  • Our team

MIM Solutions brings together some of the most talented Polish IT specialists. Each of them has a successful track record in the field of computer science. The founders of MIM Solutions – Piotr Sankowski and Piotr Wygocki – can boast of many international successes (see the’About us’ tab). 

  • Close cooperation with the University of Warsaw

We have always been associated with the University of Warsaw. MIM Solutions was created as the first spin-off of the MIM Faculty of the University of Warsaw. Some of the company’s employees are still part of the university staff.

  • Trustworthy AI solutions (Trustworthy AI)

The so-called black-box solutions – fraudulent or biased algorithms and unsecured data – pose legal risk and reputational damage. We are leaders in research on trustworthy artificial intelligence (known as ‘trustworthy AI’) by creating new techniques for explaining algorithms based on decision trees. This gives our clients confidence that their software is understandable, reliable and confidential.

  • Bespoke solutions for your business

There are natural limitations on the performance of ready-made solutions that are not tailored to the needs or systems of your business. We optimise performance by creating customised solutions taking into account only your data, your users and your technology.

By 2025, it is predicted that 95% of customer interactions will be managed by AI. Therefore, artificial intelligence will also be present in your company.