Avoid and prevent failures in your company

Date of publication: 2 years ago

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Avoid and prevent failures in your company

Problems with machines, devices and possible failures can affect the condition of any company. These troubles not only disrupt your workflow but can also have financial and market implications. Therefore, it is essential to predict and monitor any minor issues that could turn into major damage.

The good news is that all of this is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As MIM Solutions we created Alert.MIM Platform – predictive and monitoring system for companies. Based on the data on the condition of machines and devices as well as the course of processes, we create models that allow predicting the occurrence of failures and determine the condition of devices.

What are the greatest benefits of Alert.MIM Platform?

  • avoiding failures and minimizing their consequences
  • increased savings in equipment maintenance
  • improving the reliability of machinery and equipment
  • ability to take preventive actions in advance
  • ability to continue the operation of equipment and machinery without stopping for a long period of time·
  • ability to react to unpredictable situations where spare parts exhibit micro-defects that have not been observed before

If you want to know more about predictive and monitoring systems, check out our website:

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