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Alert.MIM platform

The ALERT.MIM analytical and predictive system, i.e. how to avoid and prevent failures with AI.

We deal in building predictive monitoring systems. Based on data on the condition of machines and devices as well as processes, we create models that make it possible to predict the occurrence of failures and determine the condition of devices. Thus, we avoid costly and extremely troublesome disruptions to production processes.

What do we offer?

We provide a complete solution from the installation and selection of appropriate sensors to failure prediction. We have created the ALERT.MIM alert system, which sends notifications of an impending problem many weeks before the actual failure.

What does the ALERT.MIM system include?

  • data collection and preparation based on sensors
  • visual discovery of patterns and rules
  • creation and evaluation of ML models to predict failures, estimate uptime and optimise settings
  • implementation of models in the system automatically reacting to events, supporting data streams created by a large number of sensors and industrial automation
  • visual representation of dependencies and patterns in a way that everyone can understand

What are the benefits of ALERT.MIM?

  • avoiding failures and minimising their consequences
  • increased savings in equipment maintenance
  • improving the reliability of machinery and equipment
  • ability to take preventive action in advance
  • ability to continue the operation of equipment and machinery without stopping for a long period of time
  • ability to react to unpredictable situations where spare parts exhibit micro-defects that have not been observed before
  • improving the quality of manufactured products by reducing anomalies and process fluctuations such as defects
  • a much faster diagnosis of deviations, which reduces the amount of non-compliant production

Artificial intelligence will be present in your company. Even if you don’t believe it yet. It’s just a matter of time.  You just need to make sure that it is with you earlier than with your competition.

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