EMBRYOAID on the Map of Innovation

Date of publication: 4 months ago

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EMBRYOAID on the Map of Innovation

EMBRYOAID added to Polish Map of Innovations in Healthcare!


What is the Map of Innovations?

Created by the Polish Ministry of Health, it’s a map to distinguish the most innovative projects in Poland, transforming the way that healthcare is delivered.

How to be added there?

According to the gov website, the criteria to be added to the Map is to create products which:

– deliver the best patient care,
– support the work of medical personnel,
– increase the efficiency, quality and availability of already delivered health services.

Why is it important?

By being added to the Map of Innovations, we can increase visibility of our products and services and reach people looking for specialists like us!

We are happy to be there and see how rapidly the sector of innovations in healthcare is growing!

You can see the full map here.

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